welded lateral fitting

Welded Lateral Fitting

Large Diameter Welded Clad Lateral Fittings

ChemFab Supplied Engineered Large Diameter Welded Lateral Fitting for a Gas Transmission end user.

The scope of Work included (1) 36” x 36” and (1) 48” x 42” Laterals with a Rush Delivery of The welded laterals were fabricated from X65 materials with Series A 300# Flanges. NDE 100% Radiographed, 100% Ultrasonic Testing, 100% Liquid Penetrant Test.  ChemFab also has the capability to produce the same style of fittings for clad and weld overlay requirements using the same X65 base materials.

ChemFab Fabricates Large Diameter Welded Lateral fittings in multiple angles which are typically 45 degrees off centerline or perpendicular for straight tees. These fitting are used on gas transmission and oil pipelines.  They are also used in petrochemical plants or oil refineries.

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